Below are a list of resources from various places.

These resources are not affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wayne County or the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Click on the following links for more information about parenting, adolescent pregnancy prevention, child welfare, and health education.


The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy:


The Coalition for Positive Sexuality:


The National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention:


Advocates for Youth:


For Teen Moms Only:


The Fatherhood Project:


The Aware Foundation:


Go Ask Alice- Columbia University's Health Education Program:


The Baby Think It Over Program:


The Parenting Program: Preparing Tomorrow's Parents Today:




Legacy Resource Group


Sex, Etc:


The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of North Carolina:


The Campaign for Our Children:


The Child Welfare League of America:


Children's Defense Fund:


I Am Your Child:


The Bureau for At Risk Youth:


The NC Child Advocacy Institute:


Smart Start:


The Sexuality, Information, and Education Council of the United States:


The Kaiser Family Foundation:


March of Dimes:


The Alan Guttmacher Institute:


The Reproductive HealthReproline Online:


The National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association:


Girl Power!:


The Center for Law and Social Policy: