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Summer Camp 2024

Registration is OPEN for Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Registration can be found below with the blue button!


Goldsboro Club is FULL for rising 5th graders (current 4th graders) and rising 2nd graders (current 1st graders)! You may still register, however, you will be placed on a waiting list.


Summer Camp Membership

All Campers must be a member of the Boys & Girls Club. Summer Camp Memberships are $10, this will secure the campers spot for Summer Camp. No other payments are due at this time. Once completed, a confirmation email will be sent to you within 5 business days.

Weekly Camp Fees - Per Child

The Fee Scale is below. In order to get the rate that matches your income, you MUST turn in the first page of your 2023 tax return. However, if you wish to not share your tax return, the highest weekly fee will be charged. If tax return is not turned in by June 14th,  the highest weekly fee will be charged. Fees MUST be paid prior to your child starting each week. No child will be permitted to start a week if their payment has not been received.


If you pay in full for the summer prior to June 14th, you will receive a week free!

Summer Camp FAQ

What are the hours of operation for summer camp?

Hours of operation are 7:30a-5:30p.

How much are the regular weekly fees?

Weekly fees depend on your household number and income that matches. The sliding scale is above.

What is the highest weekly rate, lowest?

The highest rate is $35. The lowest rate is $10.

Do I have to share my tax return?

No, if you wish to not share your tax return, the highest rate will be charged which is $35.

For the weekly fee, is this due weekly or in a lump sum at the beginning of camp? 

You may pay weekly, we give this option because if you know your camper will not be attending a specific week (for a vacation, etc) you will not have to pay for that week. If you pay in full before June 14th for all of the weeks planning on attending, you will receive a week free.

What type of activities do the kids do over the summer? 

We have weekly themes and try to align activities within the themes. We also do Boys & Girls Club Programming which help build character and strengthen life skills

What’s the atmosphere like during the summer?

The atmosphere during summer camp is fun and exciting, with educational aspects involved as well. We will do outdoor games, have water days, and go on field trips. 

Are children monitored and supervised at all times?

All children are supervised at all times.

Are camp leaders subjected to a background check?

All staff undergo background checks and our system continuously monitors any new activity. 

Are camp leaders only volunteers or are they licensed to work with children?

We are not a licensed facility, however, all staff go through multiple training sessions before starting.

What is the children to camp leader ratio?


Who may attend Summer Camp?

Ages ranging from 6-18 years old. 

Are the children separated by age groups and remain separated throughout the course of a day, on field trips, etc?

Campers are placed by their next school year grade! So if your camper is in 5th grade right now, they will be placed in the 6th grade group. There may be a time where we play outdoor games such as kickball which would be inclusive of all the grade levels, but other than that they are separate the majority of the time. For field trips, we place them in their grade levels. The different grades allow us to plan for different activities. The teenagers have their own area in the building which is completely away from the younger grades.

Do you accept volunteers during summer camp?

We always welcome volunteers! Our volunteers assist staff and help facilitate activities, they are never by themselves. If comfortable, we sometimes let our volunteers switch roles with staff - for example, the volunteer leads the activity and the staff member assists.

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